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Annie, born in London, UK,  holds a Masters degree in oriental medicine from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, New York, one of the most reputable schools of Chinese Medicine in the United States. Upon graduating she obtained her board certification and license to practice acupuncture and herbology by the National Certification Commission on Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM).

In January 2020 she moved to Bilbao, where she specialized in fertility and gynecology under the tutelage of Richard Blitstein.

Annie has also engaged in the study of Classical Chinese medicine including the complete channel system, Chinese Medical Dietary Therapy and Advanced Acupuncture. In 2022, seeking to further deepen her understanding of Classical Chinese Medicine, Annie began a formal mentorship and training with Ann Cecil-Sterman, the world’s expert in Classical Acupuncture.

Annie’s practice is strongly influenced by her other principal teacher, Guy Burgs, a highly accomplished master meditation teacher. A committed student since 2010, Annie has gained profound insights into the dynamic of the mind-body relationship and how to improve the quality of our mind, so as to bring about health and happiness. As a result, Annie is skilled in teaching patients how to transform their anxiety into a state of ease and calm.

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My healing education began in 2010, when I went on a meditation retreat and met who became my main teacher in life, 'Burgs'. During the following years - and still today - I learned to meditate and imbibed his deep ancestral teachings about what it is to be alive, the dynamic relationship between the body and the mind, the Dhamma and the importance of virtue.

I am constantly learning and evolving as a Chinese medicine practitioner, as a healer, and as a human being.


Resolve the conflict between what you think you are or what you think your life should be…..and what it actually is. Happiness is to be completely at one with What Is. It’s the knowledge that this is enough. Life, being alive, is enough




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