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Where do you feel stuck in your body, in your mind or in your life?

I help people free themselves from their health issues so that they can engage in life in the most complete way.

If you...


want clarity on your condition and support on your personal path to wellness


believe you have tried everything, but nothing works

feel there is a deeper component to your condition that nobody has addressed


feel disempowered or frustrated and want to know what you can do that will get long-term results


would like a break from conventional treatment and medications and would like to try classical acupuncture


Valued for over 5000 years for its effectiveness, and beautifully applicable today, Classical Chinese Medicine:


  • is a peaceful way to health and healing

  • is a profoundly sophisticated system of understanding the human body and a far-reaching healing modality

  • is able to treat a wide range of issues, from autoimmune and chronic degenerative diseases, pain and musculoskeletal problems to infertility, childhood traumas and emotional stress.

  • can set a person back on the track of their unique life’s journey.


What makes Classical Chinese Medicine unique as an approach is its emphasis on looking at the body as a whole. The mind, the emotions and body are intricately connected. 


It works to identify and address the root cause of disease. It helps individuals let go of the negative habits or beliefs encumbering the free flow of energy in the body. With the impedance removed, the body enacts its powerful self-healing actions.

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Annie has experience and knowledge in all channels of acupuncture, pulse diagnosis, Chinese philosophy, and clinical skills.  In recent years Annie has trained with Ann Cecil-Sterman, an internationally acclaimed teacher, practitioner and expert in Classical Chinese Medicine.  Annie is honoured to have received direct transmission of these precious teachings via a six-month mentorship, the most comprehensive postgraduate training of its kind.

There is a wide range of conditions I can help you with:

- Women's Health and Fertility
- Digestive discomfort
- Musculoskeletal pain
- Anxiety, depression and other stress-related disorders
- Allergies and respiratory problems
- Thyroid and other hormonal imbalances

This is only a partial list, so please contact me if you have questions about how Chinese medicine may be beneficial for you.

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