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Feel cared for 
Feel that your concerns are heard and understood
Advance your personal journey toward wellness with a knowledgeable and experienced therapist 

For the first appointment I reserve two hours (the following ones are one hour). Together, through a deep and seemingly disconnected conversation, we will discover what has caused your symptoms to appear. 

Next, I will take your pulse, which is an important diagnostic tool in Chinese medicine. The pulses offer information about what your body is trying to do to restore balance and needs help doing so. I will also take a moment to look at your tongue, another Chinese medicine diagnostic tool.


Next I will give you an acupuncture treatment and the needles will be retained for 25-40 minutes, depending on the type of treatment.  I can use cupping, gua sha or bleeding lancets during the treatment.


We will also talk about the nutritional therapy of Chinese medicine, which when followed, greatly improves the treatments. After a few sessions I can, with your consent, prescribe herbs. The herbal formulas I create are completely unique and individualized.


Most treatments produce a feeling of relaxation after the session, and many patients report feeling much more "like themselves" or remembering who they really are. 



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