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Although Annie does not limit her practice to a single specialty, she has worked extensively in the field of Women's Health and Fertility, helping people with menstrual problems, genitourinary problems (UTI, cystitis), fertility problems, pregnancy and menopause.


Chinese medicine offers treatment options that go beyond "taking the pill" (the pill is an effective contraceptive, but it does not correct the hormonal disharmonies that are at the root of many menstrual cycle problems). 

Classical acupuncture and herbs can strengthen the constitution and nourish and regulate the endocrine and reproductive systems, thereby establishing a healthy menstrual cycle and optimizing fertility.


If you have painful periods, PMS, irregular periods, amenorrhea and other related symptoms, I am here to help you.



You want to have a child. Perhaps you’re just beginning the journey; perhaps you’ve been trying for a long time and are deeply frustrated that it hasn’t happened yet. Perhaps all the couples around you are getting pregnant seemingly effortlessly and you are perplexed  as to why you should be the one having such a hard time. Perhaps you’ve been pregnant before and just can’t seem to conceive again. How can that be!?

Perhaps you’ve done all sorts of tests and they’ve found nothing wrong; or you believe you’ve tried everything (including IVF) but nothing has worked, and you’re feeling overwhelmed and disheartened by it all. 

Don’t give up.

I invite you to work with me, on a different path, using the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine. 

Chinese Medicine can identify and treat the subtle imbalances that can be at the root of many fertility issues. For example, it can regulate ovulation, support the follicular and luteal phases, balance the hormones, help with autoimmune and inflammatory conditions (such as pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis), improve ovarian and uterine function and optimize egg quality.

Ultimately, Chinese Medicine treats you, the individual. It looks at the human body as a whole. The mind, the emotions and body are intricately connected, and so a careful exploration of what is going on emotionally is an essential part of the work we’ll do together.


Acupuncture is safe during pregnancy. In fact acupuncture has been used prenatally for thousands of years to support a healthy and uncomplicated pregnancy.

Acupuncture can help with symptoms such as morning sickness, headaches, fatigue, stress, leg cramps, constipation and indeed, breech presentation.



This is a significant time of transition and one that often comes with lots of symptoms, and not a lot of support. As the reproductive energies shift, it is felt deeply in the body and often on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Physical symptoms can include mood disturbances, hot flashes, dryness, insomnia and night sweats. Classical acupuncture and herbs can help you on all levels- mental, spiritual and physical.



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